Lynch’s wake.

As another academic year gets going, it’s time to say goodbye to the gent who has been our digitisation / repository librarian for the last year, Mike Lynch. He’s done sterling work at keeping our day to day digitisation projects up and running as well as the ongoing Abbey Theatre Project. In addition, Mike has been a great help with our online research repository, ARAN.

Somehow or other, Mike has managed, in one year in Galway, to attend a bewildering amount of theatre shows, concerts, music sessions, and heaven knows what else. Rumour has it that he’s been known to sing a song occasionally himself, though I’ve personally never witnessed this.

It’s been a joy to work with Mike and this humble digitisation assistant, in particular, has learned a lot. On the occasion of his departure home to the shores of Amerikay, it seems that a song is in order. So this one is from that good old Irish showband, Shaney McGowan and the Poguesmen…

Fare thee well gone away
There’s nothing left to say
‘cept to say adieu
To your eyes as blue
As the water in the bay
And to big Jim Dwyer
The man of wire
Who was often heard to say
I’m a free born man of the USA

Fare thee well also to Meaghan Connell, who’s helped out in Digitisation on and off over the past couple of years, in particular making an invaluable contribution to work on the Abbey project. She’s off for the shores of Amerikay too but we hope to see Dr. Connell back again soon, in a cap and gown.

(EDIT: looks like it’s her birthday today too, so happy birthday Meaghan!)


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