The three Johns.

Slide 3

Culture Night is upon us again, and among the various other things going in Galway (as well as here on campus) we’re having a talk from Jim Gosling in the Hardiman Building that will showcase the John Huston archive, as well as a look around some of the rest of our archives.  Hope to make it there myself; if not, no doubt some of our handiwork will be on show.

A dear departed friend of mine was getting a ferry back from Inishbofin some years ago and got talking to some other passengers.  It turns out they were three guys named John.  There was John Huston himself – understandable enough since he was living in Galway at the time.  His visiting friend was also named John – Mr. Steinbeck to be exact.  The third John was more of a Jean-Paul.  It was Monsieur Sartre, in Ireland to work on the script for Huston’s Freud movie pictured above.

The story goes that once my late friend (Prof. Keegan) and the three Johns got on dry land, they repaired to a local hostelry and didn’t come out for a very long time…

(More about the Huston Archive, and the movie.)


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