Now I wanna have something to do…

Punk fanzines at the British Library.

There was no comfortable position for punk in mainstream culture when it exploded in England in 1976. The mainstream media could not accurately speak for punk, and punk could not represent itself through the mainstream media without radically compromising its own nature. Misrepresentation was inevitable because of the particular nature of the movement. Punk declared: ‘Stop¬†consuming the culture that is made for you. Make your own culture’. It rebelled against established forms of expression and consumption; it was mainly expressed and experienced live…

Sniffin’ Glue, the first punk fanzine, was produced by Mark Perry in July 1976 a few days after seeing US punk band The Ramones for the first time at the Roundhouse in London.

Bonus: Scans of a 1978 interview with Sniffin’ Glue founder Mark Perry from the Jamming fanzine.


2 thoughts on “Now I wanna have something to do…

  1. The NPD Ireland event on the weekend featured a poster by Mick O’Dwyer (@micewilleatyou) you was there with a poster about the Forgotten Zine Archive in Dublin. Zine archives may be having a moment!

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