Get The Edge: NUI Galway postgraduate studies

They came and filmed us in the digitisation centre back in September; you can actually see the Kirtas book scanner at about 00:40.  At other junctures you get a glimpse of Aisling‘s hands and Barry‘s heroic profile.  :-)

Seriously, a very impressive bit of work.  It’s nice to know cool things are happening on campus while you’re busy slaving over a hot book scanner all day…


“He’s chameleon, comedian, Corinthian and caricature…”



(click for hi-res)
from the New Musical Express 1974 Hot Rock Guide, which somehow happened to be lying around the digitisation centre this morning… 

“You’re not alone
Just turn on with me
And you’re not alone
Let’s turn on and be
And you’re not alone
Give me your hands!
Cause you’re wonderful
Give me your hands

“Angels with dirty faces / Kids like me and you…”

"Liars with dirty faces" - wasn't that a Jimmy Cagney movie? Or a song by Sham 69? Answers on a postcard please.

“Liars with dirty faces” – wasn’t that a Jimmy Cagney movie? Or a song by Sham 69? Answers on a postcard please.

Hear, hear!  There should be more of this sort of thing.  Can’t let any old guttersnipe show up and sniffle over all of our precious tomes.  Some of them may have TB, you know, or worse.  If it’s good enough for the Hyde Institute, it’s jolly well good enough for us here in Queen’s College!  Huzzah!

(The Queen’s College Digitisation Blog would like to convey its heartfelt thanks to Sir Barry Houlihan of this parish, for very kindly furnishing this image.)

Here’s more about the Hyde Institute in question, and a very nice watercolour of the place.

The summer hiatus is at an end, and we hope to get our Kirtas book scanner repaired soon.  Here’s to another year of digital… digitisation, and here’s a video by Sham 69 to get The Kids in the mood for some serious studiosity.

“Of course you can always get mussels again in the morning…”



One day a friend rang me and he said, “Will you bring a boat of mussels from Galway over to County Clare across the bay?” and I said “I will.”

He then said, “Will you also bring over a barrel of Guinness for the party that’s going on over here in Clare tonight?” and I said “I will.”

So we got half way across the bay when water started coming in over the stern, and sure enough we started sinking.  We had to jettison something, so we decided we’d jettison the mussels, because of course you can always get mussels again in the morning, but the chances of getting a barrel of Guinness would be slim.

Willie Greene, fisherman and singer par excellence, cca. 2001